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Sal Partners is widely recognised as a leading talent advisory firm which focuses specifically on the tax market.

As the pace of globalisation continues to increase we believe the best talent transcends national boundaries. We search beyond customary channels to find talented professionals who possess the qualities required to help organisations navigate the continually evolving business landscape.

From our offices in Amsterdam & London, we offer both search and recruitment capabilities supporting our clients to attract, on-board and retain the best talent available from across the international tax market.

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    Well, it's been a while (in news cycle terms, at any rate!) since we looked at what governments are doing to mitigate the economic consequences...
  • Startup Cap Table Management – Guide

    It is very likely for every private company owner to know the importance of a cap table. And the reason is simple - it is...
  • Taxing By Consensus

    In last week's column, we discussed the OECD announcement that 130 (subsequently revised upwards to 131) countries and jurisdictions had signed up to an international...
  • Digital Taxes Dominate Again

    It seems that digital tax reforms are everywhere (well, virtually, at least), and recent columns certainly back that up...


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