Talent Pipelining & Succession Planning

Today’s business environment is increasingly complex. Ensuring a smooth leadership transition whilst nurturing your future leaders is vital to an organisation’s continued success. Despite an overwhelming agreement that leadership and talent attraction challenges pose one of the greatest risks to the finance function, very few leaders have enacted a strong planning process for their department. Sal Partners is well-positioned to support you through this process, providing insights and guidance on how best to navigate the key issues leaders face today.

Reward Benchmarking

The competition for talent has never been greater, with the topic of reward taking centre stage. Sal Partners can provide bespoke benchmarking reports with unparalleled insights on market trends to support your acquisition and retention plans.

Market Analysis

Sal Partners can provide a variety of tools which will offer you an insight into some of the key trends facing the tax market, whether this is through research reports, sector analysis or function design.

Diversity Intelligence

The benefits of a diverse workforce are well documented. Sal Partners can benchmark the diversity initiatives of your function against best practices, developing talent pipelines which address and promote diversity.

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